Best Gift Ideas for Student budget

When you are a student, the budget is not necessarily the best of its form and yet, it is natural to want to please his family. Zoom on the gift ideas for broke students!

The opportunity

You have a great idea but is it off budget? Take a look at Price Minister, The Good Corner, Ebay and second hand shops like Cash Converter or Easy Cash. You will probably have the opportunity to do great business and offer nice gifts at a lower price. Nevertheless, be careful when you set your sights on objects such as mobile phones or cameras, check the condition and warranty if you do not want to have any surprises.


Very popular these days, the DIY allows you to offer unique gifts for three times nothing. Blogs and Youtube are full of creations all more beautiful than each other. Between dietary DIYs, decorative items and clothing, you have plenty of what to do if you have a little manual fiber.


How to find a completely free gift? Well, rummaging in your closets of course! You probably have old gifts never opened, or impulsive purchases that clutter your cabinets. These items will probably be more useful to your loved ones, so no hesitation! Not only will you please someone, but it will be a real saving for you.

The personalized gift

Key chains, mouse pads, mugs, cushions, etc. The possibilities are vast! Many sites offer you to customize small objects with photos such as Class of 2019 hoodies. These gifts, often inexpensive, are fun all the time thanks to their sentimental side. You can also opt for the traditional album (or book) photos!

Take a look at the “special gifts” sites

Many sites can find original gifts for the whole family and especially all budgets. You’ll be spoiled for choice: high-tech gift, cocooning gift, for your sister or father.

Compose your own boxes

The boxes are regularly on the rise for Christmas but they are often expensive … If you also want to opt for this idea, do not hesitate to compose it. Cosmetics, power supplies, treat yourself! The advantage is, besides savings, to fully personalize the gift and integrate only products that may please your recipient.

As a hint, we recommend that you be on the lookout for promotions every year, such as “one free for two purchased”. In terms, you will have enough to offer a box that will cost you nothing.

The gourmet gift

If you have the soul of a chef, do not hesitate to attack your stove! Food gifts are often very popular. A box of homemade chocolates, a lot of jams, biscuits, ideas are many. It is also an opportunity to make you happy while cooking.