The right way to iron a man’s shirt

Ironing a man’s shirt is one of life’s most tedious tasks, yet it is something that must be done to create the right impression. Imagine turning up to a job interview with a creased shirt – it certainly doesn’t give the best first impression, which is why finding the right way to iron your shirt is essential.


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Thankfully, not all clothes need ironing; however, everyday wear such as shirts, trousers and T-shirts fall into the category of those that should be wrinkle-free before leaving the house. The shirt, which is often worn for more formal occasions, can be one of the most frustrating pieces of clothing to iron, with ensuring you have the right equipment to do the job a must.

Invest in a good iron

When looking for an iron, go for a steam iron to make getting rid of those creases so much easier. The choice on offer can make your purchase seem complicated, so you should read user reviews. This may not be the most interesting item to research; however, do it now and you may not have to do it again for several years; inf act, with new ironing technology being introduced, you may never need to look for an iron again.


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How to use it

The first thing to be aware of is that fabrics require different heat; for example, some Farah shirts, which are available from stockists such as, can be ironed at a hot temperature, whilst others can be extremely delicate and require more care. Check the label and be careful to only iron at the correct temperature to prevent damaging your clothes.

Where to start

When you need to iron a shirt, you should start by undoing all the buttons and turning it inside out to avoid potential heat marks. Use the mist function or a spray bottle to lightly dampen the shirt before beginning.

Start with the collar and cuffs, ironing them flat and then once again when folded to help them keep their shape. You can then move onto the back and shoulders before turning the shirt over to iron the front. Lastly, iron the sleeves.

You may not get it perfect the first time, but practice will make your shirts look crisper and help you to make a lasting impression.