The Surprising Benefits of Gift Giving

When it comes time to send gifts to our friends and loved ones we hardly think of the benefits of gift giving to ourselves; we are keen to find a gift that we think the other person will love and can use. Lots of research has been done about gift giving and one thing has become obvious – not only is it beneficial to the recipient, it also has positive effects on the person sending the gift. In fact, this is largely the basis for philanthropy at all levels. When people give they feel better about themselves in many ways. This year, as you think about whom to send a gift, think about the following benefits to yourself:

  • Whenever you give a gift to someone else you strengthen the bond between you and that person. If, for example, you know that someone has been going through a rough time and you haven’t been there for them one way to show them that you care and think about them is to send them a gift. It doesn’t have to be expensive, just thoughtful.
  • Does sending a gift to someone make you feel happy? Think about this – the level of happiness that the recipient feels is the same and sometimes more than yours. This means that by sending a simple gift you have bought yourself a lot of goodwill.
  • Sending gifts has a ripple effect. You will be open to receive all sorts of gifts yourself. People who send gifts often also receive gifts all the time.
  • Research shows that every time one sends a gift the brain releases oxytocin, the feel good hormone that is so good for our health. If you are feeling blue try and send a gift for a friend or loved one to uplift yourself.
  • People who habitually send gifts have been found to be more empathic than people who don’t. This is because gift giving is a process – you have to think about the other person and what they could use the most. You learn to recognize other people’s needs and problems and do the little that you can to help.
  • Gift giving doesn’t cost you very much. True, there are gifts that can cost thousands of dollars, but who said you have to wait until you can afford them? Your friends and family appreciate small, thoughtful gifts that don’t cost you very much.
  • Anonymous gift giving is just as beneficial as giving to your friends and family. If you know someone who could use your help but is too proud to ask try leaving them an anonymous gift. It will make the world of difference for them, and it will not cost you much.
  • When you cheer up someone with a gift it makes you feel happy too.

Whoever you are and whatever you do, there is someone you know who can do with a gift today.

Gift Ideas

Eid Gift Ideas- Discover Top Items before you Send Gifts to Pakistan

Finally, the wait is over, and Eid is right around the corner. Everyone looks busy in finding animals to be slaughtered on this laudable occasion. This is a day for which people all over the world have been waiting for, especially the ones who live abroad like in the UK, US, UAE etc. They just look out for some ideal ways to celebrate the festivities with their loved ones living in Pakistan so they can share the true spirit of this occasion by exchanging lovely gifts. As everyone knows that, Eid gifts are integral to these celebrations so they find different online and offline shops to send gifts to Pakistan for their family, friends and relatives.

Therefore, for all those who wish to buy something unique and memorable for their dear ones, here are a couple of ideas to consider;

Consider Orchids when you send gifts to Pakistan:

Orchids can be the best choice to show your love & care which further represents luxury and beauty and look like an ideal present for a female especially. You can also consider various varieties of orchids that are even available in multiple colors such as pink, white, yellow and purple. You can choose the flower according to the taste and preference of your recipient and then ask your florist to make a bouquet and send gift to Pakistan before Eid day. Orchids can be ordered as a bouquet or even as a plant depending on the preference of a person being presented.

Scrumptious desserts, pastries, and cakes:

Mousse cake, ice cream cake, chocolate cake, cupcake, cheesecake or pineapple; whatever your recipient likes. As Cakes, bread and desserts are only the items that can bring a beautiful smile to the face of that person receiving it. You can even order to create an Eid customized cakes if you want to send Eid gifts to Pakistan without breaking your budget. Apart from such scrumptious items, the yummy Eid Mubarak sweets and cookies would also make an excellent gift to commemorate the memories together.

Choose perfume gifts and leave the recipient with Awe & admiration

Sending perfumes whether of local or international brands, can always move your recipient with awe and respect and whenever they use it before going out; they feel like something special that makes their day enjoyable.

If you want to choose an international brand, then considering Mont Blanc, Gucci, Versace or D&G would make the best choice. Some people also love Arabian brands because of their sharp fragrance. For those, you can choose something from Al Rehab, Swiss Arabian, and Al Haramain.

Sending unique Arabic jewelry:

Unique Arabic jewelry is also in trend these days. Most of the females prefer buying silver or gold to enhance their appearance on these occasions. That’s why you can consider such delicate pieces of jewelry that comes explicitly with Islamic calligraphy and would make the perfect part of the season.

Some most preferred items include ring, bracelet, pendants, and necklaces.

Therefore, when it comes to choosing the right Eid gift, you may find many choices but delivering it through the right way and message would further make your recipient happy and pleased. Understanding their preferences and dislikes is the key to selecting the best item. So, whenever you feel confused about choosing the right thing, scan the above-mentioned list and select the most reliable for your beloved person.