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Classic Vision offers top quality eyewear at all time in India and we are glad to bring out the wide selection of the brand contact lenses at an unbeatable price in the market. Our store is not only to bring contact lenses rather than offer eyeglasses, Low vision and other brand product to full fill need of the customer. We handle each glass with robotic fitting to cut down the error. Our company explores sports vision for the first time in India. We have experienced staffs that can provide clear ideas about all lenses and other brand glasses such as s Ray-Bban, Gucci Oakley and another brand.

When come to buy contact lenses, obsessively online platform consider as best choice. It is due to the massive collection to pick from a single store without moving from home. buy contact lenses online india is always trouble free and get an additional discount to save the cost of the money and time. at the same time, it has festival offers and other gift vouchers over each item so the customer love t visit an online store to buy cheap contact lenses in india. Each product builds with the special features and benefits to the customer can check out detail and place an order. From the official website, the user can find out the top brand and place an order with a friendly price. We provide free home delivery service on each order without collection any additional cost in the market. Hope it is a single store to find out a fresh collection of the glasses and other lenses to place an order at any time.

Toric & Astigmatism:

It is a type of contact lens which well designed in particular shape.  The toric lenses ensure to correct for astigmatism problem which rises from the various curvature of the lens.

Color & Enhancing:

It allows bringing great change over the color and making look as subtle and bold. Hence you can order color lenses with the crazy design. Color contact lenses are divided into two types such as Plano and prescription contact lenses.

 Color Toric:

It is a type of soft contact lenses which made with the help of ordinary hydrogel materials.  These lenses are out with the spherical shape to support vision problem.

Customized Lenses

Our customized lenses are specially designed for the common problem of myopia in children age. It is designed with the help of the advanced silicon material.

Disposable – it is low budget lenses which are applicable to use daily / weekly / monthly / yearly. Then it is quite easy and simple to make use with no risk and get more comfortable.

 Multifocal and Bifocal:

It has a range of power in all lenses which make use to catch all part of contact lenses…

Crazy Lenses

These lenses are not normal wear eyeglasses and it is out in the market with lens power or without lens powers.

Specialty Lenses

It is out with the unique in design which is making use in the different application

Single Vision Lenses

It is a common type of prescription lens which has vision over the single field

High Powered Lenses

It is made with high-index lens materials which are suitable for the people who have less problem vision power.

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When you come to buy contact lenses online india always assures to obtain brand and worthier product for your money. Therefore you have to search out the right online store to place order. Here the Classic Vision is the right place to buy cheap contact lenses in india with special discount at every time.


A Complete guide on how to buy a school bag

Many children’s are wishing to improve their everyday activities and comfort level on a regular basis. They like to dress in a fashionable way and use stylish accessories wherever they go out. They are very conscious about the overall design of their school bag and its features like the size, material and brand. As a parent, you have to focus on your child’s expectations about the school backpack at first. You can spend enough time with your child to discuss about what he or she likes and dislikes in the school bags. This is because you have to get an overview about the overall school bag related expectations of your child at first.

Pick and order the appropriate school bag

It is the suitable time to know about how to choose and order the right school bag through online. The latest enhancements in the design and production of school bags online catch the attention of both kids and parents. Readers of unbiased reviews of the Aristocrat school bags on online these days get the absolute guidance about how they can choose and buy the suitable school bag. They make clear their doubts about complex things related to the school bags and enhance their way to order the school bag from the comfort of their place.

Individuals who are aware of the latest styles and features of the school bags nowadays think about how they can be successful in their way to compare as well as narrow down a list of top school bags. They search for the easy-to-follow tips to choose and order one of the most appropriate bags for school at this time. Choosing the right size of the school bag is one of the main things to keep in mind soon after you have planned to buy a brand-new school bag. You must choose the school bag with enough room to cover all things. The size of the school bag must be right and compliment the body shape. The first-class school bag must provide comfortable feel to the user every time.

Fulfil school bag shopping expectations

Eye-catching colors and features of bags for school kids these days encourage kids to get the trendy design of the school bag made of high-quality materials. As a parent of the smart and cute kid, you have to be conscious about how you buy and present the best-in-class nature of the school bag for your child. You can consider how much gear your child plans to carry and double-check the overall significance of the specific pockets and features. You will be amazed when you take note of the several and separate compartments in the school bag designed for packing things in the convenient way.

Many parents do not focus on the latest school bags on the market. This is because they visit the local shop and buy the outdated design of an expensive school bag. They can overcome this difficulty when they visit the reliable shop on online specialized in the advanced designs of school bags in all categories. They get different benefits from the smart method to choose and order the latest design of the affordable school bag.