The most popular styles of posters

From kids to adults, everyone loves posters. Kids display cartoon posters on their walls and teenagers flaunt their cult figures on them. Managers use posters to motivate their staff while marketers use them to propel their products. In short, posters are universal and useful in many ways.

Posters are of different kinds and styles. Let us explore them.

Popular styles of posters

The main objective of a poster is to grab attention to the brand or product. To do this, it has to have arresting visuals and captivating content. But above all this, it should have a unique design. And that depends on the style of the poster. Here are some of the popular styles that Posters use to lure attention.

  1. Just one thing

The poster aims to draw attention to the brand, event or offer and it should do just that. To achieve this, the right style should be used and that is the “Just one thing ” style.

In this style, the Poster displays just one thing – either one strong visual or one piece of content. And nothing else. If the poster has a strong visual, then that visual stays it all for there would be no content- no tagline, headline  punchline, etc. Similarly, if the poster sticks to content, there will be no visual but just one line of content.

This style of posters is not only popular but very effective too. Many big brands have used this to achieve great results.

  1. Vibrant and bold

The success of a poster lies in the attention it draws and the recall it gets. These can be attained by using this style of poster. Here the poster uses a vivid and right color to attract attention. The colour chosen may be something radically new  and that makes the poster unique and attention-grabbing. This style of posters is the common trend these days where new hues are being used and experimented to achieve great results.

  1. Scale it up

The elements of graphic design, when used ingeniously can create quite an impact for a poster. Use large-sized visuals with small-size content or vice versa to create an impact. Large-sized elements when placed alongside small-sized ones demand more attention. And surprisingly, the smaller elements are noticed more too. Such is the effect of the scaling style in posters.

  1. Say it boldly and cleverly

The content of a poster matters. And the style of the poser should pay much attention to it. The typeface used should be bold, clear and readable from afar. Cursive fonts are avoided as they are difficult to read from a distance. Use the right colours for the fonts to ensure that they get the attention they need.

People do not have time to stand and read your poster. So make your content crisp, clever and bold and let it stand out on your poster. Use contrasting colours to gain attention to the message. Use the right keywords in the headline to get the message across effectively.

  1. Mix graphics and real images

The coolest trend in posters right now is to use a blend of real and  graphical images. This diverse mix of real and illustrative elements lends the poster a unique design that gets instantly noticed.

With this unique style, innovative designs can be attempted in designing posters rather than going for stereotype ones. This poster style allows you to unleash your creativity to the maximum to get great results.

Whatever styles you may use, design posters uniquely and effectively and print them to perfection by engaging the best supplier.