A mother is an incarnation of a goddess. With two bare hands, she manages to outperform and accomplish the tasks of a hundred people at once. Without her, life is an incomplete puzzle with a lost piece left to be attached. Being scolded by her, receiving affection from her is part and parcel of life without which less people have survived. When she is not there, her presence is felt in all the tidiness and cleanliness with which she maintains our home.

It is fair enough that such a person should be made to feel special y presenting her with gifts which have been crafted keeping in mind the maternal love. Out of a countless number of gift recommendations, some of which are custom portrait paintings available at Portrait Flip, we have selected the best and the most affordable ones so that issues like money, delivery time, longevity of the gifts and its novelty does not obstruct in expressing the love for a woman renowned as mother.

Teapot Set:

An infuser teapot—as the name suggests—is simply a teapot with a strainer inside for steeping loose leaf teas. Once the tea is ready, you simply remove the infuser and discard the tea leaves. This allows you to control the length of time your tea steeps and prevents having an abundance of leaves settle at the bottom of the cup. In addition to the aesthetics, brewing in a glass teapot is useful if you’re particular about the strength of your tea. In a ceramic or metal cup or pot, it’s hard to tell when the tea has reached that perfect color that tells you it’s ready. Using a glass teapot takes the guesswork out of knowing when your tea is done.

It is often hard to find the perfect tea set, unlike custom paintings which have been made affordable by service providers like Portrait Flip, which not just looks posh but makes drinking tea posh as well. This complete set of 6 cups and coasters along with the tea pot with a beautifully carved bamboo handle is the perfect rendition of simplicity at its finest. Most health professionals recognize the amazing medicinal qualities of the various teas available. But you have to brew correctly, not only to get the best taste, but also to reap the most from those potential health advantages. That way, once the water is at the correct temperature, I don’t have to rush around, hurrying to finish my prep before the water gets too cold.

Finally, the infuser should also be deep enough that you can steep tea even if you don’t fill the pot up all the way. This will give you the flexibility to make fewer cups of tea if you choose. If the infuser is too small, it may only be good for making a full pot of tea. Keeping these factors in mind, the infuser teapot can be purchased from the best online stores.

Dinner Set:

A good dining table and interior of the home without good dinner set makes the dining table unprepared for guest and puts up a bad appearance in mannerisms. Hence, it is a recommended suggestion to buy a good dinner set and decor your dining table well. It manages to leave a lasting impression among curious guests and visitors. There are many variety of dinner set, number piece and color combination are most important point to consider while buying dinner set. There are various brands of dinner sets available in various online shopping portals, similar to custom paintings which are provided by lots of online shopping site (one of them being Portrait Flip). One of the examples is a 3 layer glass technology, which does not break easily and comes with break and chip resistance material.

It is available with a microwave, freezer, dishwasher safe product, and defiantly long lasting. It is made of plastic, food grade plastic, totally safe to eat within. It has 5 plates, 5 small plates, 10 bowls, two big spoons, and 2 vegetable serve. This dinner set is made of Polypropylene material, and is quite long durable. It has 6 full plates, half a dozen half plates, a dozen small bowls, 1 serving spoon, 2 ladle big and a piece of rice plate. This dinner set is also available in other sets based on the online shopping site.

When it comes to custom paintings, Portrait flip is a suggested custom service portal for procuring of custom paintings in exchange for meagre charges. There are three parts to the process. Firstly a photo needs to be taken and sent to the custom painting portal through the relevant contacts provided at the online website. Secondly, the style of the painting in which the artist must paint the desired image must be mentioned. Some of the common types are oil painting, charcoal painting, water colour painting and plain pencil sketches. Lastly, the frame size of the painting has to be specified. The sized offered are small size, medium size and big size. There is a fourth category termed as custom size and it is where the dimensions are specified by the customer. On completion of these steps, the painting is delivered to the customer within a short span of time.

Even if not for procuring paintings, the galleries of Portrait Flip are a delight to the eyes during leisure moments! These paintings are made to brighten up the phenomenal woman!


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